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I am Jahin Akther, a mother and housewife. My youngest daughter was born in the year 2017 and I started giving her homemade food/cereal instead of outside baby food at the age of 6 months.

I also started giving her rice, fishes, vegetables & meat as regular food for everyday nutrition. Suddenly I noticed that I gained some weights and it scared me a lot. One day I visited renowned nutritionist Mrs.

Aysha Siddika and she advised a diet chart & requested to do some physical exercises as well. As I was passing idle time with my baby, I thought of doing something innovative at my own. I started reading books, journals, articles, YouTube, Google, blogs & some other web sites on food & nutrition. The concept of diet food came to my mind and I gathered information regarding different diet food and their nutrition value from different sources. I thought of developing a unique product with added nutritional boost and started working on my 1st product “Tanira’s Multigrain Flour”.

Jahin Akther